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No more stressful saliva test with the Anti-Thc kleaner

You thought that when you last used it more than 6 hoursyou were going to spend this salivary test surprised during a routine check-up? Well, no! Positive!

Indeed, the THC testing are very sensitive and the any trace of THC in your saliva or your mouth, it is your driver's license which jumps.

Even if the effect of THC are not more feel and you have all your cognitive abilitiesyou are still an outlaw in the eyes of the police.

So how to do it ? Stop driving? Quit smoking? No, don't worrythere is a solution

You've probably noticed, everyone is talking about it, the rappers in interviewon social networks such as Snap or even Insta. A mysterious sprayof color redhidden in the bottom of your car's pannier or glove compartment.

It is used before leaving a friend's house after an afternoon a little too smokyto return from Saturday night party or to go to the work on Monday morningafter a weekend of enjoying the best dried flowers or resins of your region.

Some people call it anti-THC spray, toxin cleanser, the KLEANER or anti-saliva test spray.

But what is the KLEANER Anti-THC Smoking Club Marbella really?

What is Kleaner Anti THC made of?

How use the KLEANER and is it really effective for saliva testing?

How does the new concentrated KLEANER formula work and does it work really?

What is the current legislation on KLEANER in France ?

And finally where to buy the real thing KLEANER Smoking Club Marbella with its new concentrated formula?

So many questions that we will try to answer, in order to give you a better understanding of notice clearer about the spray KLEANER Anti-THC Smoking Club Marbella.


Spray anti THC

How to use KLEANER Anti-THC spray?

In order to understand, the benefits and the instructions for use of this product, I will tell you a story history that can happen to anyone, you as well.

Imagine, you are one evening with your colleagues. The evening is well underway and you couldn't resist tasting this delicious weed that a friend of your colleague brought back from Barcelona.

The evening continues, and although you haven't consumed too much, you're considering staying sleep on sitebecause your navigation application keeps sending you notifications, indicating several police roadblocks on the way back. Not wishing to be complicit in the suspension of your driver's licenseYour colleague suggests that you stay at his place, on his couchAfter all, it looks quite comfortable.

Several hours pass and the effect of the weed is went down. The desire to return sleep in your bed takes you back, but the police controls do not seem to decrease on your application, on the contrary, ofother points appeareven more near you. You are stuck in your colleague's house for the night...

All of a sudden, your phone vibratesa notification from Tinder (your dating app)! Your match of the previous day asks you to join her at home !

But impossible to take your carthe police are everywhere on the road, and you are sure to be positive on a saliva test during a road check, the 5 points remaining on your license will not be enough to collect the fineyour driver's license will probably blow up...

Not knowing what to do, the idea of finishing the evening with your new girlfriend seems impossible... Seeing your situation as hopeless, the friend of Barcelona hands you a spray KLEANER Anti-THC Smoking Club Marbella.

In what situations should I use an anti THC?

He explains that by Spainthis spray is used by many people who have consumed, a few hours or days ago, before take the road. Thanks to this oral spraytoxins, such as THCpresent in your saliva will be absorbed. Indeed, a special formula of neem oil, of alcohol and organic xanthan gum allows to hide and to absorb the THC molecules present in your mouth. Thus, the salivary tests will not detect the presence of traces of THC in your saliva.

In short, you can join your crush without worrying about lose your driver's license. The solution perfect for your problem, 6 to 8 shots of spray in the mouth, we wiggles the product against the cheeks, the tongueYou must rinse your mouth with the product for 5 to 10 minutes. It is advisable to do not eat or drink anything once the KLEANER is in use, it could reduce its effectiveness.

We can swallow or spit it out (the components are not harmful to your health), once the mouthwash is well done, wait for the 20 min approx. and then the KLEANER is effective for 1h to 1h30. Time perfect to go and join mademoiselle at her home, convinced by the explanations of your friend, you start the mouthwash.

Once on the road, arrived 3rd traffic circle of the route, the navigation application was right, a van of gendarmerie is parked on the side of the road, a gendarme invites you to park behind their vehicle.

Serene, you have taken care of store your car and not to leave any object lying around that might suggest the slightest drug use. While one of the gendarmes check your documentshis colleague comes to you with the famous salivary test in the hands, the moment of truth has arrived!

Verdict, the test is negative !

You take back your papers and your driver's license, with a big smile, wishing you a excellent end of evening to the gendarmes, yours looks like quite well !


The "magic" anti THC product to keep your driver's license?

Since theOrder of July 24, 2008setting out the terms and conditions of the drug testing practiced on drivers during police control on the roads, the salivary tests have become the most great fear of consumers occasional or regular.

Indeed, it is almost systematic than during a routine inspection at a traffic circle or after a toll, the police will carry out, in addition to a blood alcohol testa drug testincluding a detection of the THC levels in your saliva.

Like blood alcohol tests, the THC threshold in saliva being very low (15 ng/ml saliva), even if you have consumed the day beforejust a few puffs, the test will show positive during the control. This can lead to the suspension of your driver's licenseas well as the withdrawal of 6 license points and also up to 2 years imprisonment and a fine of 4,500 €.

You should also know that the penalty is the same no matter how much of THC in your bodywhether you have smoked all the dayor just a "taff". last night.

In addition to the fines and the withdrawal of pointsthe court may order a suspension of the driver's license up to 3 years against a motorist who is positive for drugs while driving.

In case of recurrence, you risk up to 10 years from prison and 150000 € fine. Your driver's license will be instantly cancelled for a maximum of 3 years.

At the end of a period of driver's license suspensionoffenders must be subject to medical examinations with the doctors of the primary commission of the prefecture as well as psychometric tests.

Faced with a growing problemconsumer demand continues to grow to increase. It is not easy to entrust safety of its permit to anyone.

This is why the spray KLEANER Smoking Club Marbella has been able to offer these users an effective product that, with 100% of success to all saliva tests since now 4 years oldproposes a real solution for the consumers wishing to keep their pointstheir driver's license and their silver.

The formula of the KLEANER was recently magazine and improved in the laboratory. The product is now much more concentrate than before, allowing you to pass all the saliva tests without no stress.



Is KLEANER legal in France?

The KLEANER Anti-THC spray Smoking Club Marbella is 100% legal in FranceIndeed, its composition does not fit no illegal products. On the contrary, it allows to remove toxins such as THCwhich is illegal. As a result, the possessionthe consumption and the marketing of the spray KLEANER are not prohibited.

The KLEANER is a product revolutionary which allows its users to be worry-free during a salivary test. It will allow you not to be yet positive at THC salivary testseven if you used it a while ago. several days. Nevertheless, it should not be used for cheat, if you are not fit to drive, do not drive!

So, is the product validated?

Now you have more information about the KLEANER Anti-THC Smoking Club Marbella, how it worksof what it is compoundof its useof these benefits and its efficiency to get you out of a situation complicated.

All you have to do is test for the validateyou will be surprised at the results ! So don't wait any longer and visit our website, you will find the best bottles from KLEANER Anti-THC Smoking Club Marbella.

And don't forget, stay alert on the road and avoid getting caught!


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