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Welcome to the safekleaner affiliate program!

safekleaner ambassador.

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Monetize your influence and traffic with our affiliate program. Become a Safekleaner ambassador and earn 10 % commission on sales of kleaner spray on our site. 

Whether you are a content site, an influencer on social networks, a blogger or even a person who wants to share good tips with his acquaintances.

Take advantage of our Kleaner's notoriety and great expansion to make a supplemental income and why not even earn a small salary?

SAFEKLEANER spécialiste du Kleaner

SafeKleaner ambassador

our advantages :


Free membership with no obligation

Registration is free and without obligation. You can decide at any time whether or not to continue the partnership.


An attractive remuneration

With a high conversion rate and average shopping cart, you get up to 10% in commissions for every sale of Spray Kleaner generated with your link.


discount code

Give your community a personalized discount code of 10%, works only with orders of 1-10 Spray Kleaner.


Communication package

We offer you a complete graphic kit for your web communication supports.

Including flyer, explanatory video, customer feedback, test video...

How does it work?

Join our affiliate program

Anyone can join the affiliate program. Registration is free and gives you access to our affiliate platform where you can start sharing your link and earning money.

Test and talk about our products

Talk about our products and the quality of our support. You can write comparisons, make test videos or engage your community on social networks or via your newsletter. Your only limit is your imagination!

earn commissions

For each purchase of kleaner spray made from your affiliate link, you will receive your commissions and will receive your transfer as soon as the amount of your commissions reaches 20€.

Generate passive income

Once your content is created, it works for you 24/7. You're doing a favor for the people who search for our Spray Kleaner, you're making money, and you're naturally increasing your website traffic. You have everything to gain.

A unique product!

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World famous, it is validated by a great number of personalities and used by tens of thousands of people every day.

100% Legal: no law prohibits its possession, consumption and trade.

The Kleaners is a golden opportunity.
The advantage is that the market is not saturated, millions of daily smokers do not yet know the product, think about it!

By becoming a SafeKleaner ambassador you can resell this fabulous product without having to invest a single cent in stock.