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Is it possible to avoid the saliva test?


Today, it is not uncommon for a traffic control by the police, in addition to a blood alcohol testyou are subject to a salivary test to detect the presence of illegal substances in your mouth.


The test is not not systematicbut often some details can give the police officers indications for using the salivary test. Indeed, the use of the test by law enforcement is subject to a suspicion of drug use on your part.


Therefore, they should not be given the benefit of the doubt and do everything possible to appear as normal.


In this article, we will give you some information about the salivary test, as well as tips to avoid coming across this test.


How to avoid being checked?

 In order not to attract the attention of the police and find yourself facing THC testing unexpected on the side of the road, there is several tips to be respected to be sure not to give indications that could lead to a salivary test.


  • You need your car or own and in rule. This may sound basic and normal, but if you have done the party all weekend and on Monday morning, when you arrive at the police station, your car is in a poor condition and you didn't make the last one technical control, so there's a good chance you'll get a complete" control.


  • Do not commit for traffic violations, obviously, if you are stopped by police officers for running a stop sign or a red light, it may be very suspicious about your condition and your ability to drive.


  • Do not drive with a dress style that can carry you damageAs with the first tip, if you have not not washed or changed since your festive weekend, arrived Monday morningThe law enforcement agencies are likely to be more insistent on your case. Some distinctive signs can also encourage police officers to check you, for example, if you usually wear hats, remember to take them off when you are in your car. In other words, be as simple and normal at the wheel, save the eccentricities for later.


  • Avoid smoking in your vehicleEven cigarettes could raise suspicions when you are checked.


  • Don't drive! Have a friend drive you around sober and get behind the wheel without any problems. So you can go home without worrying.


  • Use applications of community navigation, Often the roadblocks and controls are indicated on the map. You can anticipate your route and take other paths if you wish.


  • With all applied advice properly, there is little chance that you will end up being checked. However, if you do, keep your coolStay calm and stress free. Stay polite, courteous and respect what you are told to do. This way you are less likely to be suspected of being subjected to salivary test.         


Test salivaire comment y échapper ?


Some information about the saliva test

Is it possible to say no to a saliva test?


If you refuse to submit to a saliva test during a traffic stop, you are liable to 2 years imprisonment, of the loss of 6 driver's license points and a fine of 4500 €.


In addition to these sanctionsif the circumstances are aggravating, the complementary penalties can be held against you:


  • Suspension or cancellation of the driver's license, for a maximum period of 3 years
  • Prohibition to drive any motor vehicleAlso those that do not require a driver's license.
  • Community service (TIG)
  • Requirement to attend road safety awareness courses and awareness of the dangers of drug use.


It is therefore more smart to comply with the salivary test. In any case, the penalties incurred aret as serious as if you tested positive. And it is much easier to contest the test and the fine than to refuse the test.


What substances are detected by the saliva test, and for how long?


There are several types of illegal substances  (see POSITIVE TIME TABLE) detected during a salivary test. The detection time will vary depending on the drug consumed.


For cannabis, the salivary test will detect the presence of THC in your saliva up to 12 h after you use, when you are a casual user. If you are users more regularthe test can detect THC in your mouth to 8 days after consuming for the last time.


For other drugs, ecstasy, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, codeine and other opiates, they are detectable up to 24 - 48 h. Again, the more regular you are as a consumer, the more likely you are to be positive even more longso pay close attention to that.


I am positive, what can be the sanctions?

If you take the saliva test and it is positive, several sanctions can be held against you:


  • A fine of up to 4500 €
  • You risk up to 2 years imprisonment
  • Immobilization potential of your vehicle by law enforcement
  • A withdrawal of 6 points of your driver's license will also be withheld, if you are young driver or probationary licence (licence less than 2 years old), your licence will be removed
  • Since 2019; the vehicle is directly put at the impoundment


If you have also been drinking and are above the threshold allow (0.25 mg/l of air), the penalties are even more severe. It can go up to :


  • An imprisonment of 3 years
  • A fine of 9000 €
  • The withdrawal of 8 points of your driver's license


As seen earlier in this articles, the penalties incurred with the consumption of alcohol and narcotics are considered to be aggravating circumstances, which means that you are likely to be sentenced to a further heavier.


peine police test salivaire THC


It is better to avoid doing anything and finish the journey on foot

I think you will have understood, it is more wise and intelligent not to do anything when you drives on the road.


Respect the traffic regulations and the advice given in this article, you should greatly reduce your chances to be controlled and therefore to undergo a salivary test.


This way you can continue to use your vehicle, without the stress of perhaps finishing the journey on foot...

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