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How to remove THC from your body?

Whether it is for a THC test for a competition or a hiring, or just to slow down your consumption and focus on other projects, it's time for you to make a THC detox. But it's not as simple as it sounds, you need efficient solutions to cleanse your body of THC toxins.

Indeed, even the regular consumers may have the need to do a break. Excessive use of THC can cause irritability, headaches, depression, insomnia, anxiety and even the decreased appetite.

That's why it's important to do a toxin detox that can be negative for you in the long run.

But then, what are the methods to detoxify your body from THC? And are they natural ?

In this article, we will bring you all the information information so that you can understand how detox works and benefit from its benefits.

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What is THC detox and how to do it?

THC is present in cannabis that produces psychoactive effects when inhaled. Once in your body, traces of it remain everywhere, in blood, saliva or even in the hair.

It is therefore easy to find the trace of a cannabis use, even if it makes several hours, even several days. So even if you are no longer under the psychoactive effect of THC, you are still positive on a THC test, like the saliva test. In the eyes of the law, you are still in violation, even after the effect of the dissipated product.

In order to be able to detoxify from THC, and there is no trace of THC left in your body, you need to set up a toxin elimination process or called detox.

THC is one of the toxins that remains the longest in the human body. THC will come to fix on the fat cells of your body, that is why it is important to make a good cure to detoxify.


How to eliminate THC naturally?

Your body will naturally eliminate THC in about 6 weeks, you can help it eliminate faster and more efficiently by doing some natural practices:

  • Do not consume anymore: It may seem obvious, but if you want to detoxify from THC you should not no longer use cannabis during the desired period. It may be difficult for some consumers to stop overnight. The most important thing to succeed is toe change these habits and do something to keep your mind off it. Once the first few days are over, the desire to consume should be less noticeable.


  • Playing sports: It is necessary that you were movingTHC is stored in the fat cells of your body. If you burn those fats, the elimination of THC from your body will be faster and more efficient. Sweating will help you get the toxins out of your body again faster. Make a practice regular and daily physical activity, think about walking and working your body.


  • Hydrate: Drink water helps the body to eliminate all the toxins, so it is always good to take a good look at theester hydrate during your detox. Drinking a lot of water, coupled with diuretic drinks, will allow you to eliminate toxins more quickly, but bewareyou risk spending your life in the toilet ...


  • Drink tea or herbal tea: Tea or herbal tea allows, in addition to hydrate, to give you a antioxidant intakewhich allows you to to keep the kidneys and liver working well, that will help eliminate toxins and clean your body faster. It is a effective remedy and easy to set up.


  • Detoxifying drinks: There are plenty of recipes for detoxifying drinks juice based like lemon, cranberry. They will help your body to eliminate toxins. Don't hesitate to mix them together to make a great detox juice!


  • Drinking coffee: Coffee is a natural diuretic. You will therefore eliminate toxins much more quickly of your body by drinking coffee, be careful however not to abuse it, you may be on edge and unable to sleep.

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Are there other products for the negative effects of THC?


You can also use other products that facilitate certain side effects THC:

  • To fight against the "red eyes" that occurs when THC is consumed, there are The Eye KLEANER of the Smoking Club Marbella. These are eye drops that protect the eye against dry and irritating environments. This will restore your eyes to their normal color and moisturize them.


  • The KLEANER Anti-THC Smoking Club Marbella oral spray that will eliminate and absorb traces of THC toxins on your tongue, in your mouth and in your saliva. THC can remain up to 24h in your salivayou can be positive during a salivary testwhen you smoked the night before or even the night before that.

Thanks to this spray, you are serene when you hit the road after the party is over.


Ready for the detox?

To conclude, if you wish to purify your body toxins, there is no miracle cureIf you have a family member or friend, you need to do a detox to help your body eliminate better. For that, practices as indicated in this article, allow you to better clean your body of THC.


Some recipes work quite well and promote the natural elimination of toxins present in the body. There are other products that can help you mask some of the side effects of THC.


The quantities consumed and the regularity of the consumption can make the detox more laborious and longer. It is recommended to apply these techniques if you want to make a break in your THC consumption or if you do not want to be positive on the next THC test.


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