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How to stop having red eyes when you smoke?

Too many stress before going to negotiate your increase with your pattern or before a appointment important with your in-laws ?

Thinking of being serene and relaxed in smoking a little, you end up with a owl head after having consumed your herbs preferred dry goods.

We all know this feel discomfort, especially when you have the light eyes. They become dry and irritated, the eyelids swell and the eye becomes reddish. Impossible to go in this statusyou are not going to be credible ... You are required :


  • D'cancel the appointment? 
  • To put sunglasses ? 
  • To make believe that you are returning from the pool ? 
  • D'invent a large conjunctivitis surprise?


But none of these options is going to pass by your pattern or parents of your halfand you know it...

Are there other solutions for reduce this effect? And why do we have the red eyes ? Can we avoid it ? Is it serious ?

So many questions to which we will provide you with answers in this article.

anti yeux rouges eyes kleaner

What causes red eyes?

The molecule of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), present in cannabishas the effect of making lower blood pressurewhich causes a dilation of blood vessels and a increase of the circulation from blood in the body.

As a result, the blood vessels from body including the ones in your eyes, you end up with the same red eyes and the swollen eyelids.


The dehydration caused by the consumption from THC can also play a role in the role in the appearance of red eyes. Your body will use a lot of water to eliminate the THC of your blood, which will create irritation and the drought eye. Your eyes will become red and swollen.

Finally, the method from consumption can play a role important too. The smoke present at a consumption in combustion will increase the drought effect and of irritation of the eye, especially if you are in interiorin a place unventilated.

The smoke from the vaporization will be much less aggressiveHowever, the vaporization allows you to take advantage fully of all the cannabinoids of the plant, so you will have more effect than by smoking and that will also lead to a drop in blood pressurea dehydration and, consequently, the red eyes.

Your cakes or other specialties culinary improved at the cannabisand do not produce smoke (except if you make them burn during cooking), so you'll be a little less prone to red eyes immediately. The pressure drop and the dehydration related to the consumption from THC remain effective when you ingest THC and, at the end of 30 min to 1 hour, you will have, more or less, the same head that your colleague smoker.


pour éviter d'avoir les yeux rouges

How to avoid red eyes? What solutions exist?

Don't worry, the "red eye" effect is only temporary, you will regain your natural eye color after a few hours of use.

For those who wish to return to their normal state, at least from an external point of view, more quickly, there are some solutions:


  • Hydrate:

As stated earlier in this articlethe dehydration is one of the reasons of the reddening of the eye. To relieve your dry eyes, a solution is to drink water before, during and after consuming food. THC. Your eyes, as well as your mouth, will be less subject to drought or to the effect of "pasty" (dry mouth). Remember to drink water!


    • Exposure to fewer screens:

    This may seem like complicated today, especially during a aperitif in front of FIFA with friends, but the overexposure to screens can worsen irritation and the drought of your eyes when you use weed. Make small breaks from time to time, but mostly, avoid too much for you scratch the eyes!


      • Wear sunglasses:

      This is not the solution ultimate, but it will allow reduce the effects irritants of the light from sun or artificial on your eyes. Be careful not to forget to remove in some situationsespecially if you are facing your pattern !


        • Putting drops in the eyes:

        THE solution used by the regular consumers of the effect "red eyes". The eye drops allows a hydration of the eye and promotes a protection against the smokewhile reducing eye irritation.


          We recommend the Eye KLEANER drops from the Smoking Club Marbella, available in our store (via this link).

          Put 2 to 3 drops in each eye, before or after consumption. It is a soft product, it respects the pH of the eye and does not irritate it. You can use it until 3 times a dayDo not exceed the daily dosage.

          Hydration of the eye in drop provides a sensation soothing and refreshing which allows you to avoid having eyes like red lights.


          Is red eye serious?

          No, the red eyes are not a reaction seriousbut just a side effect related to the consumption of THC. No concern on the plan physicsThe effects diminish with time. The real problem with the effect "red eyes"is from a point of view of social.

          Indeed, arriving in front of your in-laws with eyes of whiting will not play in your favor and you will lose all credibility.

          So think to take some drops from Eye KLEANER before your next appointment, you will also be fees that after a good shower !

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